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We are Korean Australian Young Leaders Inc. We are Korean Australian Young Leaders Inc.

KAY Leaders / Korean Australian Young Leaders’  objectives are to bring young Korean Australian people together to expose those people to leadership initiatives, inspiring role models and enhance their participation in community life. The mission is to empower Korean Australian young people to conceive and create for themselves, their families and their communities a brighter and more culturally rich future by together developing a greater voice in the broader Australian community.

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KAY Leaders runs three major annual events. Our major events incude Sports Day, Symposium dinner and Cocktails for Charity! Here you will find information on each events.

Young Professionals'
Sports Day

Following the success of last four years' events, KAY Leaders is once again hosting the Korean Australian Young Professionals' Sports Day.

Young Professionals'
Symposium Dinner

The annual symposium dinner provides young Korean Australian Professionals with an opportunity to listen and learn from individuals dedicated to promoting community development and a Q&A to exchange ideas and experiences.

Annual Young Professionals'
Cocktails for Charity

Cocktails for Charity is an annual event supporting different local charities in Australia.

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